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Thank you for choosing Arriva Medical! Welcome to our online reorder portal. Once you have completed the form and click submit, you will receive an email confirming that based on your doctor recommended tests per day and what is on hand as of the order date, your order has been received and your order will be shipped to your address on record. We look forward to providing you with high-quality supplies and reliable service!

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Medicare and most private insurance companies state that Arriva Medical may not deliver diabetic supplies to you until you have neared exhaustion of your current supply. This requirement can be found in Medicare’s Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 5.2.6 or by contacting your private health insurance company directly.

If any of your information has changed, please provide Arriva Medical with your updated information here. For example, note here if you have new physician information, a new mailing address, new insurance information, or have started or stopped using insulin

By clicking submit and submitting this reorder form to Arriva Medical, I attest that I am the person or authorized caregiver for the person listed above. I authorize Arriva Medical to send my eligible diabetic supplies and I am responsible for any co-pays and deductibles. I confirm that Arriva Medical is my only supplier of diabetes testing supplies. I authorize Arriva Medical and its affiliates or parent company to contact me by phone, mail and email, to contact my physician to obtain a prescription, and to contact my insurance company to verify my benefits. I authorize the release of my medical information to process and submit claims to Medicare and/or my insurance company, and for Arriva Medical to receive payment for diabetes supplies and other medical products received by me. I will provide a testing log to my physician every 6 months.